Since inception in 1996, Avion has been reinventing itself in a rapidly evolving telecom and technology markets becoming a recognized and trusted name in north America and globally.

1996-2000: Wire-line Voice and Data Networks

In the first phase of Avion from 1996-2000, the primary focus was deploying and managing wire-line voice and data networks. Lucent chose Avion as one of their global vendors to support international projects, Avion’s first customer with whom Avion successfully completed deployment projects in 18 countries. This also helped Avion set up internal process to comply with international taxes, global payroll, visas and above all a deep understanding and respect for different cultures. Avion employees over 24 nationalities as an integral part of our global workforce. Avion quickly established a reputation for 5ESS family of switching, DMS family of switching, SS7 protocols engineering, embedded, real-time software and hardware engineering expertise. Avion expanded to include an impressive client portfolio that included major OEM and other fortune 100 companies.


The second phase of Avion from 2001-2005, the focus gradually shifted from wire-line networks to wireless networks. Avion expanded our OEM relationships to include more OEM clients who played an major role in the transformation from wire-line to wireless. Through OEM partnerships, Avion played a significant role in the deployment and management of several large scale Carrier projects in 2G, 2.5G in North America, Asia Pacific and South America.

On the Information Technology side, Avion continued to expand and evolve to provide IT expertise in Software Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Database/Systems/Network Administration, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Avion’s IT clients portfolio grew to add other Fortune 100 clients in supply chain logistics, big 5 consulting firms, Insurance.


This phase of evolution began in 2005 with focus on mobile broadband and converged IP networks. A major OEM chose Avion to provide engineering and project management expertise for the nationwide deployment of VoIP project using soft-switch technology. Avion deployed Municipal Wireless networks in 12 major markets in the USA working under OEM program management, this was the first time Avion was chosen as a general contractor (GC) managing end to end build to include Civil construction, network build, launch, along with back office billing, managing subcontractors chosen by OEM and customer, OEM & customer employees along with Avion staff, also involved in hardware purchases for all projects, what can be viewed as an early evolution of Managed Services.

Avion deployed Media Gateways for a major operator, the first of its kind in the USA. Through OEM relationship provided deployment support for major Operator’s UMTS 3G network in several major markets in the U.S, this was a launch market globally for 3G and gained global press. Avion also completed the first 4G WiMax design for major operator in several markets.

A leading wireless provider chose Avion as preferred provider for Network Information Systems that require telecom network domain knowledge and IT expertise. Avion continued to participate in the deployment of next generation technology where AT&T recognized Avion for our work in next generation technology.


Avion continued to play an expanding role in the deployment of 3G Networks in the USA in multiple markets across the nation and began the 4G LTE deployment work for major operators through our OEM partnerships. Avion pioneered the integration of EFI and RF deployment work to reduce the overall cycle time to help to achieve Time To Market needs. Avion provided project management services to major operator’s public wifi projects nationwide in NFL Stadiums, sports arenas, Universities, Airports, Parks and City blocks. With the experience gained in the 3G network deployment in the USA, Avion completed 3G network deployments in Canada including complex packet core deployments with gear from major OEM. Avion became a reseller of AT&T Enterprise Communication Solutions.

Avion launched AnalyticsWise, a cloud based analytics service to provide advanced data exploration and Visualizations to enable organizations to better leverage their data for better decision making for improved business outcomes and competitive advantage. Avion successfully delivered AnalyticsWise in the program management of 3G networks in the USA and Australia. It is currently being used in the program management of 4G / LTE networks and Real Estate Facilities work orders management. AnalyticsWise can be used on any data source: Internal operational data or external market Competitive data like what is provided to Georgia Port Authority. Our customers for Analyticswise include major US Carriers, OEM, Fortune 100 real estate companies and Government.

Avion launched our professional services division to support our major customers in call center management. We were recognized as fastest growth partner in our new venture. This also helped Avion strengthen our core value of diversity and inclusion where we were able to onboard several diversity and disadvantaged groups and created over 200 jobs in the first year. Our customers include a global supply chain logistics company who is a 10 year customer for Avion where we provide IT services also, and a new customer has been added in the insurance industry.