At & t Recognition

ATLANTA, GA - (December, 2013)
There is no better compliment a company receives than unsolicited acknowledgement of special accomplishments by a high value client.
We at Avion Systems are proud to have been recognized by AT&T and featured in their website as a success story.

NXT Solutions
Las Vegas, NV - (July 17, 2008 )
Avion Systems was named the recipient of the NXTSolution Award at the NXTcomm08 Conference, the most significant telecommunications industry gathering in the world. The Award is the pinnacle of recognition for business performance in the "next generation" arena of the telecommunications industry. The primary focus is on converged communications enabled by emerging products and services such as: IMS, Broadband Service Deployment Strategies(3G and 4G/WiMax). The Award acknowledges the groundbreaking work that Avion is doing in several key Next-Generation technologies partnering with OEMs for the telecom carriers.

"We have so many people to thank for this award", said Kanchana Raman, President of Avion Systems, " including our team of experts, our world class customers AT&T, Sprint Nextel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia-Siemens Networks, and Alcatel-Lucent. They have provided the opportunity for us to work in emerging leading edge technologies in mobile broadband; and AT&T had the belief in us to nominate us for the award. We gratefully share this honor with all of them".

Fortune 500
ATLANTA, GA - (April, 2006 )
Kanchana Raman has a simple business philosophy: Be fearless. It’s the way she runs Avion Systems, a converged communications network services, solutions, and innovations provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. “If you have to travel with your customers around the world, you do it, “Say Raman, Whose Harvard-educated father always encouraged his children to reach beyond what they thought possible.

Raman, Who was born and raised in India, came to the US when she was 21. When she started her business in 1996 with $5000 in saving, the tech boom was in full swing. “Lucent was our first customer, “She recalls. During the first two years, Raman funded the business completely from cash flow and expanded operations into more than 14 countries.

Raman has successfully weathered the challenges of telecom and technology meltdowns by adapting effectively to new market opportunities. Along the way, she was positioned Avion to provide value-added network engineering services to clients like Cingular, Ericsson, Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Sprint and UPS in converged communications networks. These behind the scene services enable seamless anytime, anywhere access to information and entertainment.

Aside from paying close attention to customer successes Raman keeps Avion growing by constantly networking. Being a certified member of the NMSDC has helped, opening large doors for her 500-employee company. “I used to be so involved in running every aspect of the business. I was always in my office, “Raman says. “ Now I say, if you’re not out networking, you’re not working.”